Adobo. Bow.


So today, all my things are packed but I’m not yet ready to go. Yep, whenever I come home I get this feeling that I don’t wanna go back to manila. Uggh! I’m going to miss again my family and all the “lutong bahay” of mom including my all time favorite Adobo. Yep, It’s not just an ordinary adobo, it’s my mom’s special recipe and for me it is the best Adobo in the whole wide world! So as I requested before I go back to my normal life in manila, yay! She’s now cooking for lunch and I can smell from here the delicious goody that makes me hungrier! 😜😍😄 #happylunch #happytummy #pigout



What about me?

Kerby Montemayor, a damn fine person, friend of a COMMunity, Ultimate Kpop lover! Wait, What? I’m the girl who’s verbally abusive to everyone I love. Trust me, I love them so much that I would wait for their photo to load on my slow Internet connection. HAHAHA! And lastly, I hate that awkward moment when a stranger looks at me while I am taking a selfie. (Nah! I’m just Kidding!)


Let me introduce to you myself once again in a formal way this time, yikes. Hi everyone! I’m Kerby Lucas Montemayor, 20, AB in Communication at Adamson University. What you see is what you get with me. I don’t sugar-coat things. I say what I want and I express my feelings in the simplest way possible. I’m an honest person and very straight forward. Sometimes this gets me in trouble but for me I consider it as an asset. My friends and family always know they can count on me to give them a real and honest answer — even if it might sting a bit and even if it’s not what they wanna hear. #sorrynotsorry

Honestly, I’ve always wanted to have my own blog but I don’t know where and how to start. Well, thanks to my Ms. Anne Cortez for making it possible by requiring us to do this! So here we go, ask me something and as long as I know it, Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what. 


The Most WTF Moments of UAAP CDC 2014

HAHAHAHA! Made my day!

Black Helios PH


Before I finally end my day, I just want to share this hilarious meme compilation that I saw online from the recently concluded UAAP CDC 2014.

Let’s all forget NU’s so-so performance (but the hell, they still nailed it! Henry Sy’s wealth and power might have intervened, thank you so much!) and UP’s winning streaks and #pantaypantay theme (bias is the name), make things a little lighter, just laugh and enjoy!

cdc meme13

cdc memes10

cdc memes11

cdc memes12

cdc  meme3

cdc meme2

cdc meme4

cdc meme5

cdc meme6

cdc meme7

cdc meme8

cdc meme9

My personal favorite, I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw this. LOL Go UE!!

cdc memes1

Thank you to those who created and posted these memes. You made our nights crazy! 🙂

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